Thy Treffen.

This meeting is made by motorcyclists, represented by 7 local motorcycle clubs.

Thy Treffen is a traditional motorcycle meeting started in 1979.

The meeting is based in old traditions, where togetherness, friendliest and good mood have top priority. The meeting is driven by members of the clubs. This makes us able to reduce the costs, so everybody have the opportunity to join the meeting.

A camping ground and some fields around the ground, is used for the arrangement. Because of the nice surroundings the meeting is called “the friendliest motorcycle meeting in Denmark”. About 5000 participants are expected each year.

We have five tents located in different areas on the ground. In four out of five tents there is live music in the nights. In the last tent a discotheque is playing.

In some other tents there are motorcycle related exhibitions, and in other tents hot meals can be served all three days.

If you want to see some areas in Thy, it is possible to join two common rides with guides Friday and Saturday.

Thy Treffen always starts the second week in August. The ground opens Thursday 12.00 AM.

We are looking forward to meet you in Thy.

Best regards

Mc Stompers, Han Herred MC, Sjørring MC, MC 5-79 Thy, Koldby MC, Sniger MC og MC Pjatrøv.